Basement Waterproofing Newark, DE

American Basement Company proudly serves Newark, DE Is here for all of your basement needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad sump pump, need basement waterproofing, have foundation cracks, or have a mildew problem. We can solve any of your basement waterproofing Newark, DE issues. We’ve been in business for very long time and have seen every issue that you can have in your basement. We guarantee all of our work for life and have maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. That is proof that we stand behind the work we do. Our services are impeccable call us today to have any of the following issues resolved

Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in your home’s foundation are typically caused by drying shrinkage, or thermal movement, and can cause minor problems that can expand if not corrected. Minor cracks over time can grow larger and cause a loss of structural integrity or more commonly, water leakage into the home.

Basement Waterproofing

Genuine basement waterproofing means taking care of the problem at the source, not just treating the symptom with cheap alternatives. American Basement Company Inc has extensive experience in basement waterproofing, having worked in hundreds of basements over the years. We not only know what to look for, but exactly how to solve your problem.

Sump Pump Repair and install

Somewhere in your basement, you probably have what is known as a sump pit. A sump pit is essentially a hole in your basement floor that collects water to prevent your basement from flooding. The sump pit may be in a location where the water naturally flows to it, or it may receive water from other areas of your basement via a drain system.

Basement waterproofing


Sump pumps

 If you have water in your basement there is a chance that your sump pump may need to be replaced. Homes that are under the water table require a sump pit to keep water from showing up in your basement. We carry the best professional-grade sump pumps available on the market. We can look at your system and determine what you will need to get the job done right. We will install your new sump pump and will put a lifetime warranty on all work performed. We want to make sure your basement is dry and safe let us keep it that way, American Basement Company Newark, DE.

Emergency backup systems

Living in the country we live in it’s a beautiful thing how we can get such great services from our utility companies. Water, power and sewage all on demand anytime. But there are times where those services will fail. Without power your sump pump is susceptible to failure. Power typically will fail during large storms that’s when there’s a lot of water coming into your system. An emergency backup system from American basement company Newark, DE will allow your basement waterproofing to be effective even in event of a power failure. Call us today for a free consultation to get your emergency backup system installed and make sure that your basement waterproofing Newark, DE is always working.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

If your house is built over a crawl space, it is highly recommended that you have it encapsulated to improve the health and safety of your home. Crawl space encapsulation will place a protective barrio between the dirt floor of the crawlspace and your home. This helps to prevent:

Mold from forming due to the high humidity and moisture levels of the earth. Crawlspaces create a naturally damp environment where mold can grow and thrive.

Insects and other pests from flourishing and entering your home.
Structural decay from damp, rotting wood under your home.
Radon gas seeping from the ground into your home.

Foundation Repair
Settled walls may cause cracks or a wall settling could be something larger. It’s important to remember that the wall underneath your home is part of it’s foundation. A bad foundation under your home could cause a large amount of damage or even a collapse in your home. Your family’s safety could be largely at risk in a situation like this. You need to call American basement company Newark, DE to have this issue looked at immediately. Do not take a chance with your family safety or your homes value. Call immediately so we can help you with one of our financially viable solutions. We do free consultation to look at the problem and walk you through what the possible solutions are. It could be as simple as shoring up the foundation using metal braces or even some of our new carbon fiber Reinforcer’s. Regardless we will fix the problem and restore your basement waterproofing to its glory days. Don’t take risks get it handled now it could be a time-sensitive issue that you want to handle immediately.

American basement company Newark, DE and their basement waterproofing services are for you and your basement needs. With our BBB A+ rating and our lifetime guarantee, there isn’t a reason why you should not be calling us now. Don’t live with a wet basement in Newark, DE.

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Yearly Savings

After we are done waterproofing your basement you will notice a substantial decrease in how much you spend per month on heating and cooling.

A One-Stop Shop

Water proofing your basement and home is the easiest way to prevent future water damage from occurring or growing in your home

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We provide a quality service and stand behind our work. Because of this we are happy to come out and give you a free consultation. 


Why Waterproof your basement?

Your family’s safety is important Waterproofing basement is a good way to ensure that safety. You want to make sure that you are not having mildew issues because those issues can affect your family’s health. Has been known to cause a multitude of health issues including fungal infections, allergic reactions, and asthma and respiratory problems. Infants are particularly susceptible to these respiratory issues. An infant who contracts allergy or asthma issues at a young age can carry these issues through life. Certain types of are more likely to increase these types of respiratory problems. Keep the water out of your basement and that will keep your family from being exposed to these kinds of problems. Call American Basement Company Newark, DE and we can start waterproofing your basement right away.