Need To Repair A Bowing Basement Wall?

Bowed wall support and/or crack repair with carbon fiber straps

Bowing Foundation Walls

When a basement wall breaks, like a broken bone, it needs to be mended. It must be reassembled and retained in place in order to heal. Metal plates and pins may be necessary to help the bone regain its strength, depending on the severity of the break.

A bowed basement wall can be fixed in much the same way. As with a fractured bone, you need to seek medical attention right away. The procedures and tools needed to restore bowed walls are beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner, no matter how talented.

Why Is Your Foundation Wall Moving?

Hydrostatic pressure is frequently to blame for a bowing wall. Having a lot of water in the soil around your home causes the soil to expand and put pressure on your foundation. In our service area (Cecil County, New Castle County, and surrounding areas), snow melts and spring rains are prevalent, but inadequate drainage around your home can also exacerbate these circumstances.

We recommend that you inspect your gutters and downspouts every time you clean them. These are the first line of defense against rainwater, therefore they need to be in good shape. A minimum distance of 10 feet is required for downspouts to drain to. Without these measures, rainwater may be pooling around your foundation and contributing to the issue at hand. Your basement may need water drainage if your gutters and downspouts “pass inspection” (in addition to repairing the bowing wall).

We don’t want you to spend more money by recommending this. Only correcting the wall’s bowing is a short-term fix that ignores the root cause of the problem. Your house will remain exposed to the impacts of hydrostatic pressure if you don’t handle it.

A reliable and competent foundation contractor is essential, but they should also be worried about preventing further damage. Your problems will be addressed, your home will be evaluated, and a comprehensive solution will be provided by American Basement Company Inc.

Bowing Wall Repair Option

Carbon Fiber Straps are our preferred method for repairing a bowing basement wall.  They are the least invasive to install and usually the least expensive.  However, these are best used for walls that are bowing inward 2 inches or less. 

These straps are epoxy-sealed directly to the wall and secured at the top and bottom.  Generally speaking, we need to place a strap every 4 feet along the wall.  The installation can be done entirely from the inside of the basement, with no excavation required.  Once the installation is complete, you can even paint over the straps if you’d like.  

Want To Know The Costs To Fix Your Basement Wall?

Look for a foundation contractor in your area and set up an appointment. Ensure that the organization you’re contracting with is trustworthy, insured, and accredited by the BBB before signing a contract.

As a resident of Cecil County or the nearby areas, American Basement Company Inc. is your best option for leveling your home. We have been repairing foundations since the 90’s. You can get a free estimate if you discover horizontal fractures in your basement or if your wall is bending.