We are the experts in basement ventilation and moisture control

If the air in your home has become unhealthy due to excessive moisture, mold or mildew, American Basement Company can install an efficient, affordable standalone ventilation system. This maintenance-free system will eliminate the excess moisture, molds, and toxins, restoring you to an environment of healthy, clean air.

If you have a wet, cracked or musty smelling basement, American Basement Company is here to help. We use the highest quality, environmentally safe products, and repair techniques to deliver a dry, structurally sound basement and foundation for your home or commercial property in Cecil County, MD.

Does your Elkton home’s crawl space have cracks in the walls or uneven floors? Does the smell of the crawl space waft into the rest of your home causing allergy and asthma symptoms? Remember, issues that start in the crawl space almost always creep into the rest of your home. The solution? Call the experts at American Basement Company. We know how to correct these issues efficiently and affordably.


Is your current sump pump system unable to keep up with the water coming into your home during even the lightest rain? At American Basement Company, we use the highest quality pumps, intelligent backup battery systems and sump pits to keep your basement dry year-round.

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Water proofing your basement and home is the easiest way to prevent future water damage from occurring or growing in your home

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After we are done waterproofing your basement you will notice a substantial decrease in how much you spend per month on heating and cooling.