Our professionals will design the perfect waterproofing system for your home.  Water causes a number of unwanted problems such as termite infestation and can destroy your valuable items.  A dry basement will give you the healthy quality of life and peace of mind you deserve.  American Basement Company Inc. has a solution for all your needs, plus a Lifetime Guarantee.

Our Basement Services Include

Hydro-static Pressure Relief Systems (French Drains)

Sump Pumps

Crack repairs/ Epoxy Injections

Waterproof Wall Panels

Structural Repairs

Emergency Battery Back-Up Systems

Crawl Space Liners

Window Well Drains

Oil Tank Wrap and Microchannel Drainage Systems

Vinyl thermal replacement basement windows

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Window Well Replacement

Basement Cleanouts

Wall Servicing and Painting

We Proudly Use The Reinforcer

What Is The Reinforcer® foundation wall stabilization system?

The Reinforcer® composite system is a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) made of carbon fibers in
an epoxy resin matrix specifically designed for strengthening and repair concrete and masonry walls and foundations.

How does The Reinforcer® work to keep basement walls from cracking?
When THE REINFORCER®, concrete reinforcement, is applied to foundation walls, it counteracts further wall buckling from outside pressure on the wall. Taking the tension force (or tensile load) that the basement wall cannot.

For every increase in pressure on the foundation wall, THE REINFORCER® supplies an equal and opposite resistant force making the wall stronger. It helps repair expanding, buckling, bowing, and cracking walls by using carbon fiber to strengthen the walls.