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At American Basement Company we take pride in solving all your wet basement and crawlspace needs. We are the go to Professional Certified Basement Waterproofers in Delaware and Maryland


After we are done waterproofing your basement you will notice a substantial decrease in how much you spend per month on heating and cooling.

Basement Repairs

Water proofing your basement and home is the easiest way to prevent future water damage from occurring or growing in your home

Site Management

Our team of basement waterproofing specialists has the knowledge and experience to transform a wet musty basement or crawl space to a livable environment that will benefit your whole home.

Crawl Space Repair

Your crawl space plays a very important part of your home system. If your crawl space becomes infected with soon the rest of your house will be covered in it. Many structural problems that homeowners face stem from this type infestation. Broken sump pump? French drain not draining? No problem we got you covered. We are a full-service company that can accommodate any situation.


Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is crucial in prevention of future mold issues. We are available for both residential and commercial water proofing services throughout Cecil County and Delaware.

Sump Pump Installation

If the sump pump stops for any reason, the system will fail and your basement may get wet. That is why if you are going to rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry, you should make it of the highest quality and make sure that it is regularly serviced.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Since the origins of early construction, basement water problems have existed. Water given enough time will eventually pass through concrete and start seeping into your walls, floors and joints. The general dampness and humidity in your basement comes from the moisture in the earth passing through the concrete. We specialize in keeping the elements and the dampness and humidity out of your basement. There are many companies selling inferior basement waterproofing services around Maryland and Delaware these days, don’t be fooled. We have been waterproofing basements in the Tri-State area for almost 3 decades.

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We’ve Been In The Waterproofing Business For Over 30 years

American Basement Company is a licensed and insured Basement waterproofing company. We are locally owned and operated and proudly servicing the Tri-State Area. We perform basement waterproofing jobs every day in Wilmington De, Dover De, Newark DE as well as Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

No matter what type of damp or wet crawl space, basement flooding or leaky basement, broken sump pump problem you are facing, we can help. Our company provides award-winning moisture barrier installations as well as unique french drain installations. We can also seal and repair your damaged foundation. Our staff of basement waterproofing experts has the knowledge and skill to get your basement ready for winter effectively and permanently.

Client Testimonials

Monty was excellent in both his response and explanations on the the process. His estimate of the timing for the process was spot on. Brandon and his crew were great! They left the area clean each day, were respectful and courteous, and kept us updated with the progress of the work. Thank you all for making a stressful situation easy to deal with.

Maryella Rivera

Looking for a basement waterproofing company in Elkton? These are the guys for you! Very happy, affordable, and quick service. Highly recommend.

Brad Rowe

One of my investment properties in Elkton needed the basement windows repaired and the foundation was starting to crack. I used American Basement Company. I was able to get a solid quote over the phone and he had the project completed in a very quick time. I am very happy with everything that they did, including the price.

Theresa Gianni


We Live For Wet Basements

Did you know that the vast majority of homes throughout the U.S. have some type of moisture or water problem in the basement? This is especially true in our area. In fact, we are above the national average. You are not alone! Luckily, American Basement Company has the knowledge and experience to help you beat your wet basement challenges.

American Basement Company is a locally owned and operated contracting business right here in the Elkton area that specializes in basement waterproofing. We are passionate about providing the absolute best service to each home and homeowner we encounter because we understand just how important your home is to you. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and use of cutting edge industry technology.

Elkton’s Best Waterproofing Company

Every facet of our business has been built on the foundation that safe, healthy practices and good customer service are the two most important aspects of what we do. With this attitude, we have become a leader in basement waterproofing, basement preparation, basement finishing, and creating overall improvement in the quality of living spaces in homes. It is not just home owners we serve. We also provide our commercial customers with exactly the same amount of care and expertise.

We do all of our work ourselves! We do not subcontract out to other companies.

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