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At American Basement Company Newark DE we can handle any of your basement needs. Whether you need Waterproofing Newark DE, have a bad sump pump, mildew problems, cracks or structural problems we can resolve any of your issues. We have years of experience handling basement problems in Newark DE and we have seen it all. There is not a problem we can’t handle. Our work is guaranteed for life and we carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau so you can rest assured knowing we will stand behind our work.

Our services include:

 Basement Waterproofing Newark DE  – Waterproofing Walls

Waterproofing Newark DE is our specialty. For the safety of your family you want to make sure you are not getting mildewed walls. According to the center for disease control has been associated with a multitude of health problems in humans including but not limited to allergic reactions, fungal infections, and poisoning by mycotoxins. They also say that those that are at the highest risk of illness are allergy and asthma patients, those with respiratory illness, people with weakened immune systems and actually, believe it or not those who wear contact lenses. Infants that have been exposed to certain types of  are at a high risk of developing respiratory problems in their first year of life. These illnesses will follow your children for the rest of their lives. Protect your family from being exposed to these types of environments in the first place by calling us at American Basement Company. We specialize in Waterproofing Newark DE.

basement waterproofing newark de

Basement Waterproofing Newark DE

Companies that are not familiar with the proper way to dispose of mildew can leave spores behind that will continue to grow after treatment. We have years of experience dealing withand mildew and we can save your home from the damaging effects with simple waterproofing. Get to the source of the problem and protect the value of your home call us today to waterproof your basement to prevent from having a  or mildew problem later.

basement waterproofing newark de

Basement Waterproofing Newark DE – Sump pumps

If your basement has a constant issue with standing water showing up in your basement you may require a sump pit. You could already have a sump pit and the pump could be out of service. If your basement is below the water table in your area you could have a constant problem. There are many types of pumps and systems for every kind of sump installation. We will work through your system with you and advise what is the best solution for your needs. We can come out and replace the pump to insure that you will not have constant problems with water appearing in your basement. We carry the finest professional grade sump pumps and can make sure your pump is properly removing that unwanted water from your basement. Your basement should be dry. Let us help keep it that way. We will succeed in waterproofing Newark DE.


Basement Waterproofing Newark DE – Emergency back systems

Our country’s infrastructure is a thing of wonder. You want water? It’s there. You want electricity? It’s there. You need sewage service? It’s there. But on occasion these services can fail. When this happens you can have a huge problem especially when it comes to your basement. The electricity that runs your sump pump is most likely to fail during a large storm. When there are buckets of rain coming down the last thing you want is your sump system to back up allowing water to just run freely into your basement. Allow us to design a reliable back up system that can keep these services in check and create redundant sources to run the pumps for you. We don’t want you to have to be swimming in your basement to be picking your precious family photos just because mother nature decided it was time to give mankind a run for it’s money. Call us and we will be Waterproofing your Newark DE home in no time.

Basement Waterproofing Newark DE – Crack repairs and Epoxy iDEections

If your basement walls have cracks in them this is a sign of weakness and possible damages. Do not ignore these cracks. Call us out to look at them right away. The last thing you want is a wall caving in. Your family’s lives could be at risk. We can determine if there are immediate threats of collapse or not. This is a job you want to leave to a true professional. It could just be minor effects of settling but the last thing you want to do it take a chance of allowing what could be a looming catastrophic failure to actually fail. We can look at your structure and let you know what you are facing. It maybe enough to just seal the crack with epoxy to keep the Waterproofing in your Newark DE home effective. If not we will let you know what your choices are and what we can do to help you resolve the problem. So call us do not wait. It is possible this could be a very time sensitive issue.

basement waterproofing Newark DE

Basement Waterproofing Newark DE – Structural repairs

When a wall settles it may create cracks. Another possible problem with a wall settling is that it can weaken underneath the structure above it. Most the time this structure is your families home. The last thing you need to do is ignore this until such time that the structure above becomes unstable. This could cause you major issues with your home. In extreme circumstances it could cause parts of your home to actually collapse. Do not gamble with your families well being. We can determine the cause of the problem and come up with a cost effective solution for you. Its something you cant take a chance on. Call us today.

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