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You work with American basement company Dover DE we work on any of your basement needs. It doesn’t matter what your issue is. You could have a  mildew problem, cracks or structural problems, could have a bad sump pump it doesn’t matter. When you need waterproofing American Basement in Dover DE call us. We are the ones that can handle your issues. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our work is guaranteed for life so you know we will get your job done and get it done right. Don’t waste time call now. If your basement issue is getting worse by the minute time is a factor.


Basement Waterproofing Dover DE – Areas of your basement we can service are:

Companies that are not familiar with the proper way to dispose of  or mildew can leave spores behind that will continue to grow after treatment. We have years of experience dealing with and mildew and we can save your home from the damaging effects with simple waterproofing. Get to the source of the problem and protect the value of your home call us today to waterproof your basement to prevent from having a or mildew problem later.



Basement Waterproofing in Dover DE

Basement Waterproofing is a good way to control issues with or mildew. Has been proven to cause many different health issues. Somebody’s health issues can include fungal infections, poisoning by mycotoxins, and allergic reactions. The people that are most affected by  are people that have allergies or asthma problems, those with respiratory problems and people with weakened immune system’s. Also affected are people who wear contact lenses.also shown to effect infants in their first year of life. Someone who has issues with as a baby will continue to have issues throughout the rest of their life. Protect your family now by having your basement waterproofing in Dover DE done by American Basement Company.



Sump pumps – Basement Waterproofing Dover DE

If you have a basement sump pit and you have issues with water constantly showing up in your basement your pump maybe bad. Allow us to come out and service your sump pump now. We can replace your sump pump with one of our professional grade sump pumps today. If you’re not sure what type of sump pump you need that is okay we can come out and do a free consultation to figure out what pump is going to work best for you. You don’t want your basement being constantly flooded you need to make sure you have the proper pump for the job. If your basement isn’t a dry you need us to help you get it dry and keep it that way. Call us today so we can get your Basement waterproofing needs met in Dover DE.


basement waterproofing dover de

Emergency backup systems – Basement Waterproofing Dover DE

We believe we live in a wonderful country. We have some of the best utilities known to man. From water to power to sewer you can get anything you need at your home anytime. But these utilities can fail from time to time. When this happens your basement is of huge concern. When your power is not running your pumps may not be running as well and that can cause flooding. The most common time your power is going to be off is during a large storm. The last thing you need is all that rain coming out of the sky winding up in your basement. When American basement Dover DE is waterproofing your basement we look at all systems to ensure we have a backup plan in case your power fails. This is a part of the American basement Dover DE total package. We don’t want you to have to wade through 3 feet of water to get to your valuables. All of our efforts will allow for your basement to be safe and dry. So call American Basement Company Dover DE for your total basement waterproofing package today. Consultation is free and we carry an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. So you know we stand behind our lifetime guarantee. Call today!

Crack repairs and Epoxy injection – Basement Waterproofing Dover DE

if you find cracks in walls of your basement this could be a sign of possible problems or weaknesses. These cracks should not be ignored. American Basement Company Dover DE can come out and check your cracks to see if they are a major issue or small problem. Cracks can be evidence of a potential failure that could cost you money and be very dangerous. You want true professional to look at the problem you cannot rely on an amateur to get this job done properly. Cracks could just be evidence of settling in the wall but it could also be indicative of a potential structural problem. Our experienced staff can look at the problem and tell you exactly what you’re facing. We can also let you know what your possible solutions are. It could be as simple as just putting some epoxy into the cracks or sealing the cracks themselves. Either way we want to make sure that your basement waterproofing is completely effective. So call American basement company Dover DE and have your basement Waterproofing check done today.


basement waterproofing dover de

Structural repairs – Basement Waterproofing Dover DE

When a wall settles it can cause structural damage to the items above the wall. In most cases the structure above your wall is your home. Remember this wall is actually the base of the foundation of your home. This could cause your home to be structurally unsound. Our staff can help you figure out what the problem is and the most financially suitable way to handle the issue. Do not take chances with your home call us at American-based company Dover DE and get your free estimate today.

 basement waterproofing dover de

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